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MMI Faculty

Troy Baldwin, PhD

Dr. Troy Baldwin
Dept. of Medical Microbiology & Immunology
University of Alberta
Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry
625 Heritage Medical Research Centre
T6G 2S2 Edmonton, AB

Ph :
(780) 492-7553
Fx : (780) 492-7521



  • Associate Professor, Dept. of Medical Microbiology & Immunology
  • AHFMR Scholar
  • CIHR New Investigator
  • ImmuNet Series Coordinator



Before entering the periphery with the ability to respond to a large variety of foreign antigens, T cells must first pass rigorous selection processes in the thymus. These selection processes all appear to be tied to the affinity of the TCR for self-peptide MHC complexes. Low affinity interactions promote survival and differentiation (positive selection), while high affinity interactions largely promote death (negative selection). Negative selection is critical for ensuring self-tolerance thereby limiting the potential for autoimmunity.

Research in my laboratory is aimed at understanding how the same TCR can initiate either a program of survival and differentiation or death. Currently, little is known regarding the molecular mechanism underlying this decision. Recently, I created a highly physiological TCR transgenic mouse model to study positive and negative selection in vivo. Using this model system, the transcriptome of cells undergoing positive or negative selection was examined in an effort to identify genes involved in these two processes. Genetic and biochemical strategies will be utilized to characterize how these genes may be affecting selection and provide insight into the molecular pathways involved. Additionally, proteomics approaches will be taken to understand the signal transduction events leading to the changes in gene expression. Collectively, this information will help allow one to map the events from the TCR to positive or negative selection.



  • Dominic Golec (Graduate Student)
  • Nancy Hu (Graduate Student)
  • Alexander Suen (Graduate Student)
  • Bing Zhang (Technician)



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Selected Publications:

  1. McCaughtry TM, Baldwin TA, Wilken MS and Hogquist KA. Clonal deletion of thymocytes can occur in the cortex with no involvement of the medulla. The Journal of Experimental Medicine. 205(11): 2575-84. 2008.
  2. Baldwin TA and Hoquist KA. Transcriptional Analysis of Clonal Deletion in Vivo. The Journal of Immunology. 179(2):837-44. 2007
  3. Hogquist KA, Baldwin TA and Jameson SC. Central tolerance: Learning Self Control in the Thymus. Nature Reviews Immunology. 5: 772-782. 2005.
  4. Baldwin TA, Sandau MM, Jameson SC and Hogquist KA. The timing of TCR a expression critically influences T cell development and selection. The Journal of Experimental Medicine. 202(1): 111-21. 2005.
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